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Cardinal Creek Village - honouring the heritage of the land

The following post is an excerpt from Tamarack Homes' Homeowners' Awareness Package for Cardinal Creek Village.


Great care and attention has been put toward honoring the history of the area through the inclusion of historic features in the parks, along street edges, at the entrances to the community, and in the street naming.

The entrance features are comprised of two materials. The millstones are reproductions made from granite designed after the old millstones found on the property. The stones that make up the walls around the millstones came from a barn foundation and were designed to look like the ruin of an old farmhouse. The planting plan was designed using species that are common around old barns in the area.

Millstone Park was named for the old millstones found by the mill. The design of the area around the play structure, from above, looks like a millstone.

The original millstones from the ruins of the old mill were rehabilitated and included as a feature in the park. The gazebo in the park is constructed from cedar and stones from a barn ruin. The cedar fences along the edge of the park were designed and constructed in the style of old barn fences found throughout the area.​​​

​The street names in Cardinal Creek Village have been chosen to honor the rich culture and history of the area. They have been named for some of the early settlers and their activities, for Anishinaabe words describing the natural environment in the area, and for Champlain and his impact on the area.

There are plans to restore an old stone building that sits on the property, believed to have been the summer kitchen of the Petrie home. The restored building will serve as a community centre for Cardinal Creek Village.


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