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Cardinal Creek Village street names

Cardinal Creek Village has some of the most interesting - and difficult to spell - street names in the city! See below for some background on their origins (courtesy of Tamarack Homes).


The streets in Cardinal Creek Village have been chosen to honor the rich culture and history of the area. They have been named for some of the early settlers and their activities, for Anishinaabe words describing the natural environment in the area, and for Champlain and his impact on the area.

place de l'Astrolabe Place

An instrument used by Champlain to make astronomical measurements, typically of the altitudes of celestial bodies, and in navigation for calculating latitude.

rue de la Baie-des-Castors Street

Name of one of the bay’s along the Ottawa River.

voie de Brouage Way

Name of the town where Samuel de Champlain lived when he was young.

voie du Cap-Diamant Way

A cape on an edge of the Promontory of Quebec and on which Quebec City is located, formed by the confluence of a bend in the St. Lawrence River to the south and east, and the much smaller Saint-Charles River to the north. Champlain landed here.

promenade Cardinal Creek Drive

Named after the Cardinal Family – early settlers who had a mill on the property.

rue du Cartographe Street

French word for “cartographer” – a person who draws or produces maps (Champlain reference).

avenue de la Famille-Laporte Avenue

Named for the Laporte family, who owns land in the subdivision and operates a landscaping business there.

terrasse du Géographe Terrace

French word for “geographer” (Champlain was a geographer).

rue de Honfleur Street

Name of the port in France from which Champlain set out for North America in 1608.

avenue Mashkig Avenue

Algonquin word for marsh

côte de la Minoterie Ridge

French word for a mill used to grind grain, an homage to the original mill on the lands owned by the Cardinal Family.

rue Mishawashkode Street

Algonquin word for field.

ruelle de Saintonge Lane

Birthplace of Champlain.

rang de Stadaconé Row

An Iroquois village near Quebec City where Champlain landed in 1608.

voie de Tadoussac Way

Champlain arrived in Tadoussac in May 1603. Tadoussac was the only seaport on the St. Lawrence for 30 years.

cercle Tewin Circle

Indigenous word for “home”.


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