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Archibald Petrie - Artefact Spotlight (City of Ottawa newsletter)

The following short piece is from the City of Ottawa's January 2020 "At Your Museum" newsletter:

Archibald Petrie (1790-1864) was born in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland. He served as a purser on ships patrolling Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 and received a land grant from the Crown when his military service ended. He married Catherine Wilgress of Lachine in 1838 and together they had three daughters and two sons. The family settled in what would later become Cumberland Township, owning farmland within view of the islands that now bear his name. Petrie occupied several prominent positions including Member of the Upper Canada Legislature (1844-1847) and Cumberland Reeve (1852-1856). Records show he was instrumental in the development of the Dale Cemetery, located immediately to the east of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, where he and his family members rest.

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